Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pig Drivers Never Take a Holiday

Pig Driver Behavior

Dear Mister Road Show:

I call them pig-drivers. These are the drivers who tail gate me when I am driving the speed limit in the right hand lane even on a four-lane road and they have plenty of room to pass. Pig-drivers can also be seen exiting freeways by cutting across multiple lanes to shoot off an exit at the last minute. In parking lots, pig-drivers often will grab two parking spaces by parking with the white line going down the middle of their vehicle, no matter how crowded the lot is.

Yesterday, I was hoping the pig drivers would take the day off, since it was drive the speed limit day. As I drove to work, heading north up the Almaden Expressway at the speed limit, the pig-drivers were there doing their normal pig-driver stuff. They were tailgaiting and others were zipping past me on the left just to cut in front of me then slam on their brakes right in front of me to make a right turn. On the way home it was the same thing. You only live once and the pig-drivers were as focused as ever on getting it over with as fast as possible.

In short, the pig-drivers did not take a holiday. They were still out there, driving like idiots, their cell phones still as firmly glued to the sides of their heads as ever. They are out there still.

Steve Sloan

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wine Review: Paraiso Springs Pinot Noir, 2005

Paraiso Springs Pinot Noir, 2005, Santa Lucia Highlands
Very nice. A plesant wine to drink. Gentle on the palatte, notes of red fruit like cherries plum flavors with hints of spice, smoke, and toasty oak, cedar well structured tannins and balanced acidity. This is a pleasant pinot at a good price point.

My Rating; 89

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It is hard being young

Paris Hilton

Lets not be too hard on Paris and Britney
Let's face it, it is hard being young. I mean that sincerely. For those of us "over the hill" imagine the stupid things you did when you were young, then imagine you had throngs of people telling you you were beautiful, telling you you could do no wrong, people who almost worshiped you and, oh yea, imagine you had enough money to do anything you wanted. Think of the stupid things you might have done then! Imagine being under a constant spot light. I shudder to think what I might have done. Young people need to face the consequences for their mistakes. I am all for that. But, they also need to be given an opportunity after to be brought back in without shame. Nobody should delight in their lessons hard learned. I think that is wrong. I think it is a bit cruel.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Wine Review: 2003 Helix Pomatia, Columbia Valley

2003 Helix Pomatia, Columbia Valley Red Blend By Reininger:
This was a very mellow and pleasant wine wine with soft and rich mouth feel. It is silky and finishes very well. It is elegant, definite notes of Black Cherry and other berry fruits. Very good! Drank on June 17, 2007. My Rating 92.

Technical Information From Winery:

Ash Hollow, Clifton Hill, Patina, Pepper Bridge, Phinney Hill, Pleasant, Sundance, Seven Hills Vineyard

50% Cabernet Sauvignon
27% Merlot
16% Syrah
7% Cabernet Franc

53% American Oak, 47% French Oak
Bottled August 2005
pH 3.54
Total acidity 0.61 g/100ml
Cases Produced 2,207

Winery Tasting Notes
Subtle richness and intensity of fruit suggesting a loftier pedigree, accompanied by an incredible soft mouth feel, define this as a non-pretentious, kick-back wine of casual elegance. Black cherry, raspberry, a splash of pomegranate, unpicked mint, a hint of cedar, a whiff of roasted coffee stirred with a pinch of cocoa; ingredients for a comfortable evening.

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Wine Review: Burrell School CV Zinfandel/Mataro Blend, 2003

Burrell School CV Zinfandel/Mataro Blend, 2003
This bold and exotic blend has a Wonderful Nose. It greets the nose with odors of oak and dark earthy fruit. This wine is big and extracted without being overbearing. It has a long and lingering finish and a rich velvety mouth feel. It has hints of raisens and fig. This is a 50-50 blend of Old Vine Zinfandel and Motaro and I really liked it. CV is the Roman Numeral for 105, the vines the Zin fruit came from are 105 years old.

My "new scale" rating [Link] 91.

Received Wine Club Aug 05.

Winmaker Notes
Vineyard Information: Leona's Vineyard, Santa Clara Valley. These vines date back to an original planting circa 1898. Three acres are still under cultivation, yielding small amounts of concentrated flavors.
Tasting Characteristics: Bright cherry flavors, a nose of blackberry fragrance and notes of cocoa and chocolate are the signature of this small production, exclusive blend. Soft tannins and bright fruit are indicators of a wine ready to be enjoyed now.

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